iPhone 5 Arriving in India on October 26 – Report

The smartphone won’t be available via Indian carriers

Apple’s iPhone 5 is already available in most regions, but Indian customers have been left out from the initial launch schedule of the device.

However, this is about to change as BGR reports, citing multiple sources, that Apple plans to launch the iPhone 5 in India on October 26.

Even though the device won’t be available through Indian carriers, customers will be able to purchase this one via Apple Stores across the country.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 price will match that of iPhone 4S at launch, though given the fact that Apple already faces supply issues, stocks will probably be limited to a certain number of units.

Apple’s latest iPhone device is powered by a dual-core A6 processor clocked at 1 GHz and packs 1GB of RAM and 16GB/32GB/64GB of internal memory. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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