iPhone 4 8GB Now Available in India for Rs 22,500

The discontinued device is overpriced in India once again

We reported less than a week ago that Apple planned to reintroduce the discontinued iPhone 4 in India. According to the latest hearsay, the 8GB model should have been re-released in the country for around Rs 15,000 ($245/€180) outright.

Unfortunately, Apple has overpriced the iPhone 4 8GB in India once again. ThinkDigit reports that Apple iPhone 4 8GB is now available in the India for no less than Rs 22,900 ($370 / €275) off contract.

Some authorized resellers and online retailers offer discounts of up to Rs 500 ($8 / €6), but that’s almost nothing in comparison with the total amount that customers will have to pay to get it.

For the time being, neither seller offers any buyback or EMI schemes, so there’s no way to drop the iPhone 4’s price further than it is now.

It’s unclear why Apple has re-introduced the smartphone in India and has priced it so close to the initial suggested retail price of Rs 26,500 ($420 / €310), but we doubt that it will have any success the second time.

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