foursquare for Symbian 2.0.985 Now Available for Download

It eliminates the “SSL handshake failed” errors previously plaguing the app

A new flavor of the foursquare application is now available for download for devices running under the Symbian platform, namely version 2.0.985.

While no specific release notes were made available for the new app release, it seems that it came along with a series of stability and bug fixes.

According to All About Symbian, the latest foursquare for Symbian flavor will eliminate the “SSL handshake failed” errors that the app had previously been plagued with.

The functionality of the app remains unchanged, providing users with the possibility to easily explore and discover the world around them. It also enables users to stay connected with their friends and family.

Symbian users who would like to download the latest flavor of the app on their devices will find it available on this page in the Nokia Store.

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