Zombie Driver HD for Tegra 2 Android Devices Announced, Tegra 3 Version in the Works

The game is expected to be launched by the end of the year

The team behind the popular Zombie Driver game for PC, Exor Studios has just announced that an enhanced version of the game will be released for Tegra 2 Android-powered smartphones.

Dubbed Zombie Driver HD, the game will be launched for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Tegra 2 in late 2011.

The folks over at DroidGamers also claim that the developers are also working on a Tegra 3 version of Zombie Driver HD, but no additional details on the game's release date surfaced yet.

The game comes with 31 missions that can be played in Story mode, as well as 7 survival arenas that can be accessed via the Slaughter mode.

The goal of Zombie Driver HD is to squash as many zombies as you can while driving one of the 13 different vehicles included in the game, such as a firetruck, a bulldozer or a tank.

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