ZTE N880E to Taste Android 4.2 Soon

It will be the first non-Nexus smartphone to receive it

Chinese mobile phone maker ZTE might soon become the first handset vendor in the world to release the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean to its users.

The company has reportedly announced that it has been working on the OS upgrade for its ZTE N880E smartphone, and that it has already reached a beta stage in the development process.

This means that it might not be too long before it is actually ready to deliver the software, thus making the N880E the first non-Nexus phone to receive it.

Following the update, users are expected to experience performance enhancements on their devices, while also being able to take advantage of new features such as Photo Sphere, or updated ones, like Google Now.

ZTE is also underlining the fact that its N880E handset was the first to taste Android 4.1 Jelly Bean after Nexus phones received it.

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