YouTube for Android Updated with Push to Google TV Capabilities

Users can search for videos on the phone, have them play on the TV

A new version of the YouTube for Android application is now available for download, with an appealing new feature packed inside, namely support for pushing videos to a Google TV.

As long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot, the app pairs them, enabling people to use their handsets as remote controllers for Google TV.

“Like a remote control, you can pause, scroll or skip to the next video with your mobile device as it plays on your TV,” a post on the YouTube blog explains.

With both devices connected to the cloud, users can also search for new videos on the handset or tablet PC in their hands or browse the web, while still having the video playing on the big screen.

Furthermore, the app offers support for connecting multiple devices to the TV. YouTube for Android is available for download on this page.

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