Yelp for Android Updated to 3.8.2, Download Now

The new app release features integrated Google Maps v2

A new flavor of the popular Yelp for Android application is now available for download, featuring version 3.8.2 and bringing along a nice enhancement for all users to enjoy.

To be more precise, the team of developers behind the app notes that the software now features integration with Google Maps v2.

Basically, this feature “adds vector-based maps, improves load times, and includes some pretty sweet 3D map views,” the team explains.

Users will enjoy better performance of the application, as well increased level of detail, 3D buildings, indoor building maps, and other features as well, all designed to make it easier for them to find nearby businesses and various deals that might interest them.

Yelp for Android 3.8.2 is available for download from Softpedia as well, via this link.

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