Xperia Z’s Burst Camera Mode in Action: 999 Photos in 68 Seconds

The flagship Android device can deliver a great imaging experience

One of the highly appealing features that Sony has packed inside its new Xperia Z flagship Android smartphone is a high-quality camera, allegedly able to deliver great capabilities even in burst mode.

To be more precise, the device was touted as capable of shooting no less than 10 photos per second at a resolution of 9MP, for an unlimited period (or for as long as there’s free storage space on the device).

However, it appears that these features stretch beyond that, as the phone was already capable of shooting no less than 999 photos in 68 seconds, as the video embedded above (via XperiaBlog) shows.

Of course, there’s little chance that one would actually need to snap so many photos in such a short period, but there’s always great to know what the smartphone in your hands is capable of delivering.

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