Xperia Z Now Available in Various European Countries

The handset will arrive in even more in the coming weeks

Starting today, users in various countries across Europe can purchase the Xperia Z flagship device from Sony, either through wireless carriers or directly from Sony.

At the moment, the smartphone can be seen listed as available for purchase in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, and Spain, in addition to the UK, where Three also started selling it.

The smartphone is set to arrive in Nordic countries as well, starting with the next week, XperiaBlog notes in a recent post.

Apparently, users in Finland will receive it starting with March 5, while those in Norway starting with March 13. It will arrive in Denmark and Sweden soon, but no specific release date has been provided as of now.

Earlier this week, Sony Mobile announced that the smartphone would land on shelves in 60 countries before the end of this week, and the rollout has already started, it seems.

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