Xperia Z Gets Rooted Before Landing on Shelves

Through the use of the CF-Auto-Root toolkit for Nexus 4

Sony’s Xperia Z smartphone has already been rooted, although it is not available for purchase worldwide, with Japan being the only market where it arrived.

The guys over at XDA-Developers have found a way to gain root access on this device, by using the CF-Auto-Root toolkit that has previously allowed users to root the Nexus 4 smartphone.

The tool was modified a bit to fit the Xperia Z, and those who are interested in grabbing this handset to mod it will be able to do so as soon as it hits the market.

As PhoneArena notes, given that Sony has already announced its support for the modding community out there, and that it also provides users with the possibility to unlock the bootloaders on their devices through its official website, it does not come too much as a surprise that the new flagship has already been rooted.

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