Xbox SmartGlass 1.6.0 for Windows Phone

The app enables users to navigate the Xbox 360 console from the handset

A new flavor of the Xbox SmartGlass application is now available for download through the Windows Phone Store portal, namely version 1.6.0.

The new app iteration was made available for download on Thursday, yet Microsoft did not offer specific info on the changes included in it.

The Xbox SmartGlass mobile app can be used to navigate the Xbox 360 straight from the Windows Phone device in users’ hands. It also offers access to the full Xbox catalog of music, video, and games.

Whether you’re interested in browsing the Internet on the Xbox 360 console or play, pause, fast-forward videos and music on it, the Xbox SmartGlass application offers support for all of them.

Users can find the latest flavor of the Xbox SmartGlass available for free on this page in the official software portal. However, they will need an Xbox 360 console and an Xbox membership to use it.

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