XCOM: Enemy Unknown Arrives on iOS on June 20

Priced at $20 in the US, £13.99 in the UK, and €17.99 across Europe

Owners of iOS-based devices will be able to enjoy the features of a new mobile game as soon as June 20, it seems, none other than XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The title has been officially confirmed for release on that day on Apple’s mobile operating system, with a price tag of $20 attached to it in the United States, £13.99 in the UK, and €17.99 across Europe.

According to vg247.com, the game will arrive on iOS almost as a direct port of the console and PC game that was made available last year.

Apparently, the title will offer support for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and it will also come with cloud saves.

However, it seems that, although the game will offer support for a multiplayer mode, it won’t be available right from the start, but will arrive on devices as a free update at a later date.

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