Working Transparent Smartphone to Arrive This Year

Polytron Technologies has already showcased a prototype

In addition to full HD, 5-inch and larger smartphones, this year is also expected to bring along the very first such device to sport a transparent screen, at least this is what the guys over at Polytron Technologies claim.

The company has already showcased a prototype smartphone completely transparent, and says that it will be able to launch working samples before the end of 2013, mobilegeeks notes.

For the time being, the device does not feature working software, but the main purpose was to provide OEMs with a glimpse at what the technology might offer.

The company used a special type of glass for the multi-touch screen, one that can become cloudy-white, if needed.

While some of the handset’s components can be seen at the moment, the company plans on hiding them beneath a darker cover.

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