Wireless Charging Antenna Available for Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II

The product is said to support Qi the standard, aimed at global flavors of the handsets

Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are some of the most appealing handsets on the market at the moment, but it seems that there is room for more.

Owners of these devices can include a wireless charging antenna inside them now, with support for the Qi standard, thus expanding the capabilities of both devices.

The product can be seen listed on shop.isl.hk with a price tag of 3,480 yen attached to it ($39 / €29), for both Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, respectively.

The antenna is said to be compatible with the global flavor of the two handsets and should be easy to install inside any of them by the users themselves.

Given the fact that this is not an official Samsung product, users are advised to proceed with caution in the event they want to purchase such an antenna.

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