Windows Phone to Get a Notification Center Too

Other mobile platforms out there already have such systems

Windows Phone 8 has been announced on Monday as a great upgrade for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, though it seems that there still is a series of elements that are not available inside it right from the beginning.

One of them is a notification center, one that Microsoft says that it hasn’t had time to implement, although it would have wanted to, according to The Verge.

However, it appears that the company is considering ways on which the feature will arrive on its mobile OS, since it is a needed capability. Live Tiles do offer notifications, but there is no system to aggregate them all.

"It's very very important to me… we get tons of feedback from developers that they want something like that as well. I promise we're thinking very very hard on that one," Microsoft's Thomas Fennel said during a BUILD 2012 session.

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