Windows Phone Users Can Now Download 50MB Apps over Mobile Networks

Previously, only apps of up to 20MB could have been downloaded over cellular connections

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft appears to have silently made a change to the Windows Phone Store recently, providing users with the possibility to download applications of up to 50MB over mobile networks.

Previously, the software portal limited the download of large apps over cellular connections to 20MB, but it seems that this has changed.

Windows Phone users no longer need to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to download software that is larger than 20MB as they did before, but they will have to do so if the application weighs more than 50MB, WPCentral notes.

It’s yet uncertain whether the feature is meant for global roll-out, especially since Microsoft hasn’t documented it in its DevCenter, but chances are that more info on the matter will emerge soon should the new limitation be meant to stay.

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