Windows Phone Device in KPN Netherlands’ Video Wasn’t a Lumia, Nokia Claims

The carrier has yet to specify what handset they used in the ad

The yet unannounced Nokia Lumia smartphone that emerged in a video commercial for KPN Netherlands not long ago is now said to have been a different handset.

Following widely spread reports on the appearance of the device in said video ad, Nokia stepped up and said that KPN did not showcase there a Lumia smartphone, but another device.

Speaking to, the Finnish handset vendor said that they have no idea of what device was used in the ad, and that it was certainly not a Nokia smartphone.

Furthermore, the wireless carrier confirmed that users might have been misled by the fact that the smartphone was yellow, the same as Lumia 920, and that they were looking into the matter.

The handset closely resembled the Lumia 822 for Verizon from the back, although the 3.5mm jack at the top was different. Stay tuned for more on this.

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