Windows Phone Close to One Million Units Sold per Week

The milestone might have not been reached in Q4 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is reportedly getting closer and closer to an important milestone in its evolution, namely sales of one million devices each week.

The company has yet to confirm any official figures regarding the number of handsets it is shipping at the moment, but recent statements coming from the company’s officials might be pointing in this direction, a recent article on Forbes reads.

With Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, saying that Windows Phone was selling “four times better than in Q4 2011,” and estimated sales for the timeframe of 2.5 – 2.75 million devices (from Canalys and Gartner, respectively), Forbes suggests that sales might have been anywhere between 9.5 and 13.25 million units in Q4 2012.

This translates into close to 1 million devices each week, a figure that Microsoft would certainly be proud of when reached.

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