Windows Phone 8 Sports Some Hidden Settings

They can make users’ experience with the platform a better one

Windows Phone 8, the latest mobile operating system release from Redmond-based software giant Microsoft, arrives on devices with a series of useful customization options and settings that need to be dug up, it seems.

Some of them might have already been spotted by users, while others remained hidden until now, but have just been brought to light, courtesy of a recent post on Microsoft’s official Windows Phone Blog.

For example, users can easily respond to incoming calls with a text message, or can come up with memorable mailbox names on their handsets.

Furthermore, users are also provided with the option to switch up their lock screen icons, add sizzle to their email signature, keep videos and photos safer than before, or button up the Internet Explorer address bar.

All these, along with some other settings more, are being explained in the aforementioned post on Microsoft’s blog.

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