Windows Phone 8 Portico Spotted in NaviFirm for Vodafone Italy’s Lumia 920

The update brings enhancements to Wi-Fi, messaging and more

Nokia’s Lumia 920 is one of the existing Windows Phone 8 devices that are already tasting the benefits of Microsoft’s latest update for the mobile OS in markets such as Canada and the United States, but it seems that it is getting ready to receive it in other countries as well.

The update was reportedly spotted in NaviFirm for the Vodafone-branded flavor of the smartphone in Italy, which suggests that Nokia is indeed preparing to release it to this carrier’s users.

The new software version will provide users with always-on Wi-Fi even with the screen turned off, the option to create pre-set text messages and to respond with SMS to voice calls, a “select all” option for messages and mail, and more.

Users can already update Lumia 920 through NaviFirm at Vodafone Italy, though it is recommended to wait for the official software to arrive, Plaffo notes.

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