Windows Phone 8 Portico Arrives in More European Countries

Users in Germany, Denmark and Sweden started to receive it

Microsoft and its hardware partners appear to have started delivering the Windows Phone 8 Portico software update to more devices in Europe.

According to a recent article on WPCentral, users in markets such as Germany, Denmark, and Sweden are saying that they have already received notifications on the availability of this update for their devices.

Apparently, the new OS flavor, pushed to handsets as build 8858, is being delivered only to unbranded hardware for the time being.

WPArea also reports that their unlocked Windows Phone device has received the aforementioned notification in Germany.

Previously, the software had been made available for users in countries such as Italy and Russia, but it seems that Microsoft is finally ready to deliver it to more of them. However, no specific info on when the rollout will be completed has been provided.

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