Windows Phone 8 Is Selling Great in China, Microsoft Says

Sales of Windows Phone devices grew worldwide recently

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system arrived on shelves in China only in December, but it seems that devices are already selling great in this market.

In fact, Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Windows Phone, told ComputerWorld that WP8 phones were “selling like hot cakes” in China, although he did not unveil specific numbers.

“The sales trends are there for Windows Phone. They are going in the right directly absolutely and strongly,” he said.

Recently, Microsoft unveiled that Windows Phone devices were selling globally five times better in December 2012 than in the last month of 2011.

At the moment, users in China can purchase Windows Phone 8 devices coming from Nokia and HTC, but more companies are expected to launch such handsets soon. Samsung has already launched WP8 phones in other markets around the world.

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