Windows Phone 8 Has Issues with Transferring Large Videos

Users can not copy to their PCs videos larger than 4GB

Windows Phone 8 has been deemed as a great mobile operating system by many users, yet it seems that the platform still has some issues that Microsoft needs to resolve soon.

One of them reportedly affects the video recording capabilities of the device, which should not be larger than 4GB. While users can easily record larger videos, they will be unable to transfer them to a PC, a recent article on WMPoweruser notes.

SkyDrive does not offer support for such large files either, which makes it a bit difficult for users to actually copy it to another device. They won’t have the possibility to play it either.

Should one user record a video in full HD resolution, the 4GB would be filled within 30 minutes or so. Many users have already reported the problem on Microsoft Answers, it seems.

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