Windows Phone 8 Gets Ahead of WP7 in 10 Markets

Including Australia, France, United States and Hong Kong

Recently, a report from AdDuplex has unveiled that Windows Phone 8 has already managed to get in front of Windows Phone 7 in the United States, but it seems that the same has happened in various other countries around the world as well.

Windows Phone 8 was loaded on a bit over 50 percent devices in the US in early February, the research firm announced, and it seems that the same has happened in Australia, France and Hong Kong as well.

Furthermore, Windows Phone 8’s penetration grew to over 60 percent in Vietnam, while going over the 70 percent mark in UAE, and to over 80 percent in Thailand.

In countries such as Turkey, Israel and South Africa, Windows Phone 8 accounts for over 90 percent of devices running under Microsoft’s mobile platform, a chart posted on Twitter by Alan Mendelevich shows.

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