Windows Phone 8 Could Arrive on Intel-Based Handsets Too

However, nothing has been officially confirmed as of now

Microsoft has partnered with Qualcomm for the launch of Windows Phone 8, ensuring that the platform offers full compatibility with the company’s mobile processors, and it seems that it is looking to expand the reach of the OS.

With Intel significantly increasing its presence on the mobile phone market, it won’t come too much as a surprise if Windows Phone 8 handsets powered by its new processors arrived on shelves.

According to ComputerWorld, Greg Sullivan, a senior product manager for Windows Phone, said at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the platform is currently tied to Qualcomm and that Microsoft has nothing to announce at the moment regarding an Intel partnership in this area.

However, analysts suggest that the Redmond-based software giant might be indeed considering the loading of Windows Phone on Intel-powered smartphones, since makers such as Lenovo, Motorola and ZTE already adopted Intel’s mobile chips.

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