Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers to Arrive on April 10

The mobile OS should be officially introduced later this week

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of its next mobile operating system version, called Windows Phone 8.1, and should make the OS version official later this week, during the BUILD conference, rumor has it.

The one thing that won’t happen at that time, however, will involve the availability of a Windows Phone 8.1 build for application developers, though it appears that the company will have it ready as soon as the next week.

According to a recent article on WPCentral, the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers program is set to go live on April 10, roughly one week after the OS is officially introduced.

All those who have a free App Studio account will be able to access the program through Microsoft’s dedicated mobile client, which is available through the Windows Phone Store. Moreover, they will be able to get Windows Phone 8.1 up and running on any handset with Windows Phone 8 at the moment.

Apparently, despite the fact that the Windows Phone 8.1 core was completed only last week, and that the developer preview was expected in late April, things will move forth a bit faster.

Developers will receive access to the new operating system version weeks before carriers start pushing it to their customers, which will allow for apps to be tested for compatibility issues.

End-users, however, will have to wait for the official deployment, which is said to start sometime in early May. Windows Phone 8.1 will arrive on their smartphones over the air.

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