Windows Phone 7.8 Rollout Halted in Germany

Supposedly due to various issues caused on devices

Owners of Windows Phone 7.5 devices on the network of Vodafone Germany who did not have the chance to install the new Windows Phone 7.8 platform release on their handsets will have to wait a bit longer before doing so, as Microsoft has halted the platform’s deployment.

According to a post on Vodafone’s support website, the decision came from Microsoft themselves, yet no new targeted launch date has been provided as of now.

No details on why the update deployment has been halted have been provided either, but WPCentral suggests that the Live Tiles issues that users have been reporting lately might have been the main reason for the delay.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update was meant to provide users with a Windows Phone 8-like Start Screen, as well as with various other enhancements.

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