Windows Phone 7.8 Gets Loaded on AT&T’s Lumia 900 – Video

The update should arrive on devices in the not too distant future

Owners of a Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone on the airwaves of AT&T in the United States should soon receive an update to the newer Windows Phone 7.8 operating system, after various carriers worldwide have confirmed its near release.

Yesterday, the update was spotted on Nokia’s servers for AT&T’s Lumia 900 handset, and the guys over at WPCentral decided to take it for a spin.

As can be seen in the video embedded above, the update arrives on devices with all the features it was previously said to, such as new Tile functionality, Bing Wallpaper of the day, a new boot screen, and the like.

After installing the update on their handsets, users will also enjoy new accent colors, it seems. The Office application sports a new logo after the update.

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