Windows Phone 7.5 Build 8773 Arrives on AT&T’s Samsung Focus 2

The Tango update packs a variety of fixes and enhancements inside

AT&T and Microsoft have started to push out a new software update for the Samsung Focus 2 smartphone, in the form of Windows Phone 7.5 build 8773.

The new platform release, which is also known as Tango, will provide users with a variety of small enhancements, including multiple images in MMS, send ringtones (MMS), better push notifications, new wallpapers and other optimizations.

According to WPCentral, users will also be prompted to install a second update from Samsung, with fixes for camera, proximity sensors, volume controls and the like, though specific details on the matter have not been provided as of yet.

Following the update, the firmware on the device should be version 2103.12.10.1, while the radio flavor will be 2103.12.9.1. The installation time will vary in accordance with the amount of files on the device, which are backed up in the process.

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