Winamp for Android Gets Synchronized Lyrics Add-On

The new feature provides lyrics to millions of tracks

One of the most popular music players, Winamp has just received an important update that brings synchronized lyrics to Android devices. The new feature is also available for the desktop version of Winamp.

Powered by LyricFind, the new feature provides lyrics to millions of tracks from more than 40k artists across 20 countries.

Although the application does not cost a dime, those who wish to take advantage of the new add-on will have to pay a one-time $1.99 USD fee. Check for it in the in-app add-ons store.

We are really proud of this new add-on, the way lyrics are seamlessly integrated right on top of your playback screen, it adds another dimension to your listening experience and is fun to use with friends.

This is another step in our roadmap to give our users a wide variety of ways to customize their experience on Android handsets and has always been a part of the Winamp DNA, give the power to the user!

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