Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry Land on Windows Phone 8

Both mobile games come from Disney and cost only $0.99

Two new games are now available for download for the owners of Windows Phone 8-based smartphones, both of them coming from Disney, namely Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry.

Both of them cost only $0.99 and provide users with a great puzzle experience through turning the laws of physics into fun, challenging adventures.

In Where’s My Water, users will have to help alligators Swampy and Cranky shower through redirecting water through a maze of urban plumbing.

There is also a series of Mystery Duck Levels and Lost Levels that expand the story and bring more fun. Available only for Windows Phone 8, the game features more than 400 total puzzles.

Where’s My Perry brings to devices a similar story, as users will help agent P to get water in all its forms — liquid, steam, and ice — to make generators run to get to headquarters.

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