Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry Free on Windows Phone 8 Today

As part of a one-day promotion from Disney and Microsoft

Windows Phone 8 users received access to Disney’s highly popular Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry mobile games several weeks back, and they are up for a treat today.

Both titles are available through the Windows Phone Store for free for all users, today only, as part of a special one-day promotion. Where’s My Water can accessed from handsets through this page, while Where’s My Perry is available via this link.

“Both games take the laws of physics and turn them into fun, challenging adventures,” Microsoft’s Michael Stroh notes in a blog post.

Where’s My Water, puts Windows Phone users in the position to help alligators Swampy and Cranky to redirect water to their showers. Similarly designed, Where’s My Perry, requires users to help Agent P to reach headquarters through secret transportation tubes.

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