WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 Coming Soon, Said to Be Fast

The application should be 6 times faster than existing versions

Windows Phone 8 users do not have a version of WhatsApp to install on their devices for the time being, but it seems that it won’t be too long before they will be able to enjoy it.

According to a recent post on WeLoveWP.hk, a user inquired about the app, and was told by the company behind it that it would be released for Windows Phone 8 as well.

No specific info on the availability date has been provided as of yet, but the company did say that the software would be very fast (up to six times faster) when compared to the available versions.

Furthermore, the company said that the new flavor of the app would come with new emoji, and that it would continue using background audio API to remain active even when not in the foreground.

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