WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 Lands in March

Also said to arrive as a native app, not an Android port

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 has been confirmed to be en route to devices as soon as next month, although a specific release date is still lacking for the time being.

The info comes from WhatsApp’s Neeraj Arora, who confirmed all this on Twitter over the weekend, CrackBerry reports.

“WhatsApp is coming to BB10 sometime in March,” he said in a tweet, adding that it would be a native application in another.

Previous reports suggested that the company was working on releasing the cross-platform messaging client for BlackBerry’s new mobile OS, but it did not specify whether it was bringing it over from Android.

An Android port would have lacked core features of the platform, something that might happen with Skype and Instagram, both confirmed to arrive on BlackBerry 10 from Google's OS.

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