WhatsApp Messenger Gets Removed from Windows Phone Store

The application has major issues on Windows Phone 8.1 platform

It looks like the folks at WhatsApp have finally listened to users’ feedback and will offer a fix for the Windows Phone application, which is terrible on the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

I have already explained in my editorial the major issues that WhatsApp Messenger users face if they install the application on Windows Phone 8.1.

From huge battery consumption to not getting notified of new messages or receiving them much later, these are all major issues that WhatsApp Messenger has been plagued by since Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview was released.

Well, it looks like developers have finally decided to do something as WhatsApp Messenger application seems to have been removed from Windows Phone Store.

This means that new users can't download it anymore, even though the WhatsApp store page still exists. Those who search for the application on the desktop version of Windows Phone Store will not find it anymore, but you can visit the WhatsApp Messenger page directly from the phone.

However, on WhatsApp store page, it is mentioned that the application is not published anymore, which means that the developers have pulled it for some reason.

We think that WhatsApp plans to fix some of the issues we have reported on and then publish the application once again. Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.

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