Watch the Recording of Jolla’s Sailfish OS and UI Launch

The new mobile platform was unveiled on November 21 at Slush 2012

Yesterday, November 21, Finnish startup Jolla unveiled to the world its Sailfish operating system and provided some details on the new, modern user interface it proposes. 

Sailfish is expected to arrive on devices starting with 2013, yet Jolla has already inked a carrier agreement for it with one wireless operator in Finland, namely DNA.

The platform looks more than appealing, and Jolla notes that it is unlike anything that we’ve seen before. Based on MeeGo, the OS will provide ease-of-use, great multitasking capabilities, and support for various chipset technologies out there, including ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor platforms.

Jolla has already signed deals with manufacturing partners in China, and is currently prospecting the mobile market in this country, which holds the largest mobile phone user base in the world.

In case you missed the presentation Jolla gave at Slush 2012 in Finland yesterday, you can now have a look at it in the video embedded above.

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