Watch Thorsten Heins’ BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote

RIM's CEO spoke of company's vision, offered new info on BB10 features

Those of you who haven’t had the chance to see Research In Motion’s CEO Thorsten Heins delivering his keynote at the BlackBerry Jam Americas yesterday can now do so.

The CEO took the stage at the conference to talk about RIM’s vision of the mobile market, as well as to speak about leadership and momentum.

He also expressed his confidence that the company will manage to get hold of the third position on the smartphone segment, and that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform will help it achieve this goal.

Moreover, Heins offered a sneak peek at the forthcoming mobile OS, as well as at the BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Flow features it will sport when released.

40-minute long, the video of the keynote can be seen embedded above for all those interested in more of RIM’s approach to the market.

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