Watch: Galaxy S III Destroyed by Pitching Machine, Lumia 920 Survives

Polycarbonate is better than plastic and this video proves it

In an attempt to attract more Android fans to its side, Nokia has just released a short video that confirms something that we already knew: Lumia 920 is a sturdy device, whereas Galaxy S III not so.

The Finnish company puts the Samsung Galaxy S III against a pitching machine and the result is dramatic for the device, but not unexpected for those who own the smartphone and know how fragile it is.

On a direct hit, the Galaxy S III is completely destroyed, but what’s surprising is that the display of the phone was the one to break while the cheap plastic survived miraculously.

On the opposite, the Lumia 920 passed the test without a single scratch, which proves the glass protecting the display is thicker and better than Galaxy S III’s. What do you think?

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