Walmart Canada Opens BlackBerry 10 Pre-Orders

Only select Walmart retail locations are accepting reservations

Walmart is yet another retailer in Canada to have kicked off pre-orders for Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones through its stores.

The company has announced on Facebook that users could head over to select stores and reserve such devices to have them in their hands when the official availability begins.

“One...two...three - cheese!? Sometimes it’s hard getting your kids to smile at the camera, let alone stay focused for a second. But with Time Shift Mode on BlackBerry 10, you won’t have to keep taking, ‘just one more’. Pre-orders for the new BlackBerry are in stores now,” the company said.

RIM is set to officially launch BlackBerry 10 and new handsets on January 30, while expected to make them available for purchase soon after, although specific info on availability hasn’t been provided as of now.

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