Video Tuner Brings Video Editing Capabilities to Windows Phone 8.1

The application offers a wide range of video editing tools

Owners of devices running under the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system can now enjoy a new highly appealing application, in the form of Video Tuner.

The new mobile software, made available for download today, is meant to provide owners of Windows Phone 8.1 devices out there with video editing capabilities while on the go.

The new application, built by Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft (technically, the app comes only from Microsoft Mobile), is available for download as version, with a nice range of video editing tools packed inside.

“Edit your video before sharing it! Apply filters, add music, trim, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, change speed, adjust exposure / contrast / saturation / volume. Make your video better,” the application’s description reads.

Previously, Windows Phone users could enjoy video editing via the Movie Moments app, but the new software has a wider range of features and capabilities to provide users with.

As a recent post on Nokia Conversations explains, the new Video Tuner for Windows Phone 8.1 app will also allow users to add music to their videos, while enabling them to adjust the audio for specific scenes

"Video Tuner can also be used to trim any of the unwanted or unnecessary parts from your video, allowing you to share the only the best bits," said blog post explains.

The mobile application will also allow users to easily share videos after editing them. You can find Video Tuner in the Windows Phone Store today.

Video Tuner for Windows Phone
Video Tuner for Windows Phone

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