Video: Even Hitler Wants to Switch to Lumia 920

The hilarious video pokes fun at Samsung and Apple

We don’t think Nokia needs more praising for Lumia 920, but one more hilarious video that pokes fun at Samsung and Apple can’t hurt anyone.

It appears that even the fearful Hitler now wishes to switch to Lumia 920 and strongly recommends his generals to do the same.

From the series of funny “Hitler videos,” a new one has just popped up featuring the hard-to-come-by Nokia Lumia 920.

The 4-minute video shows a furious Hitler who feels betrayed by his newly acquired iPhone 5, which cannot do the things that Lumia 920 excels at.

Although funny enough, Apple and Samsung fans might be left with a bitter taste after watching this video.

All in all, those who think the Hitler/Lumia video is not good enough for them can do their own Hitler movie here.

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