Verizon Rumored to Get a Lumia 9xx Flavor After All

Some say they have already played with the device for a bit

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless is expected to make official its own version of Lumia 820 soon, one that leaked online as Lumia 822, codenamed Atlas, but it appears that the carrier might also grab its own version of Lumia 920.

This has been rumored before, but no official confirmation on the matter emerged, and all was believed to be bogus when AT&T announced its exclusivity on Lumia 920.

However, some enthusiasts claim they have already had the chance to see the smartphone, which will hit shelves at Big Red as Lumia 9xx.

Wireless charging will be included in the package, it seems.

No specific info on when the Windows Phone 8-based device might be officially released at the wireless carrier has been provided as of yet, but it might not be too long before an official announcement is made, so stay tuned.

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