Verizon Removes Galaxy Nexus from Its Offering

The Google phone is no longer available through the operator’s channels

Mobile phone carrier Verizon has reportedly removed the LTE-enabled Galaxy Nexus smartphone from its offering, most probably in an attempt to make room for newer, higher spec’d devices.

The Samsung-made handset landed at Verizon more than a year ago, but it is no longer available for purchase through the carrier’s official channels, droid-life notes in a recent post.

The operator was rather sluggish in making new software updates available for the device, and also discontinued the 32GB flavor of the phone about three months ago, although the Google phone was received pretty well by customers.

The smartphone might still be found at various Verizon partners that haven’t exhausted their stock as of now, but those who were looking to grab it straight from the wireless carrier won’t have the chance to do so anymore.

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