Verizon Publishes Windows Phone 8X by HTC Video Ad

The handset landed on Verizon's network with wireless charging

Windows Phone 8X by HTC, one of the first smartphones that the wireless carrier has launched with Microsoft’s new mobile operating system loaded on it, has got a new video ad published online.

The handset provides users with a nice range of features and capabilities, many of which have been integrated within the platform itself, such as Live Tiles or Data Sense.

At the same time, the phone comes with Beats Audio and Wireless Charging (a feature exclusive to Verizon’s flavor of the device), as well as with other capabilities.

According to Verizon, it is also simple to use. Have a look at the video embedded above to learn why.

“The Windows Phone 8X by HTC on Verizon is incredibly advanced -- yet incredibly simple because it runs on Windows. It's simplicity achieved. Only on Verizon,” the carrier notes.

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