Verizon HTC Windows Phone 8X Gets FCC Approval

The smartphone will make its way to AT&T carrier as well

We have already reported yesterday on AT&T's variant of HTC Windows Phone 8X which has been spotted at FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and it looks like the smartphone stopped at the regulatory commission once again.

However, this time the PM23100, which is HTC Windows Phone 8X's codename, features CDMA radios and support for Verizon Wireless' 700 MHz LTE band.

In addition, the phone seems to have been approved with GSM 850/1900 frequencies as well, which will allow owners to use the phone while abroad by simply changing the SIM card.

HTC Windows Phone 8X is expected to arrive on the market in early November, and by the looks of it, the smartphone will be available through multiple carriers. No word on the pricing options or exact release date, so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.


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