Verizon Data Network Outage Hits US – 12/21/2011

The carrier’s 3G and 4G services are down nationwide

This is the fourth time this year and the second time this month that carrier Verizon Wireless is hit by a major outage that affects its data network services, including 3G and 4G.


Two months ago the carrier’s LTE network was down nationwide, but Verizon managed to fix the problem after several hours.


Currently, Verizon customers living in San Francisco, Northern Virginia, Boston and Atlanta areas have reported that 3G and 4G data network services are down.


Central California doesn’t seem to be affected for the moment, but reports continue to come from disgruntled Verizon customers who live in other region and cannot use 3G and 4G data services.


Furthermore, the carrier seems to be aware of the problem, but has yet to issue any official statements.


If you're affected, let us know in the comments and make sure you state your location.

UPDATE: We've reached out to Verizon for an official statement concerning the outage and we'll keep you updated with any news we receive through official channels.

UPDATE 1: Reports start pouring from Verizon customers across the country. More locations affected by the outage include various regions in Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Maryland, Connecticut and New Jersey.

UPDATE 2: Someone in DC Metro claims 3G service is up and running.

[USERCOMMENT=1tlcoop]3G just came back up in the DC Metro (7:40am 12/21/11)[/USERCOMMENT]

UPDATE 3: 3G data services partially restored in some regions. 4G still down nationwide.

[USERCOMMENT=Aaron E]3g is back in Oklahoma City now, still no 4g. I guess its better than nothing[/USERCOMMENT]

[USERCOMMENT=Kami]Data service just came back up for me in Texas panhandle. Literally seconds after finding this post.[/USERCOMMENT]

UPDATE 4: First report confirming 4G data services are back comes from Bedford, Indiana.

[USERCOMMENT=Way to go BIG RED]4G just came back up at 08:45 - Bedford, Indiana.[/USERCOMMENT]

UPDATE 5: We just got word from Verizon, but for the moment there's nothing that could shed some light on the outage. Apparently the carrier doesn't want to come forward with an official statement yet. I'll be keeping you updated with any new information that becomes available.

UPDATE 6: 3G is up and down intermittently and we've also received reports on 4G sporadic availability in some locations.

[USERCOMMENT=Hero]3G comes and goes but 4G is down in Atlanta.[/USERCOMMENT]

[USERCOMMENT=Kivak]4G Back up in Columbia Maryland.[/USERCOMMENT]

[USERCOMMENT=Bionicman]Full 4G outside of Chicago. Never lost it.[/USERCOMMENT]

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