VLC Starts Working on Windows Phone 8 App

No info on when it will be ready has been provided as of now

The popular VLC player for Windows computers (and for other desktop and mobile platforms) will soon become available on Windows Phone 8 handsets as well, it seems.

The team behind VLC for Windows 8 has announced plans to come up with a new flavor of the app, to provide mobile phone users with all the benefits of this application.

The team has started a fundraiser to have the necessary resources to build the app, as explained on this page on Kickstarter.

“This fundraiser will help developing a version of VLC for Windows Phone 8. Interestingly, while WP8 offers the same programming interfaces available to Windows 8 & RT apps, it is less restrictive in some regards,” the team explains.

No info on when the app will arrive has been provided, but more details on the UI will be presented shortly, so stay tuned.

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