Unlocked White Nokia Lumia 920 Already Sold Out in the UK

The handset is also available through wireless carrier EE in the country

Yesterday, online retailer Clove announced that it would make the white flavor of Nokia Lumia 920 available for purchase today via its website, unlocked and SIM-free, and it seems that it has already exhausted the entire initial stock of the device.

Those who head over to the retailer’s website to place an order on the device will learn that the Windows Phone 8 device is no longer up for purchase.

“White stock – sold out. Other colours to be confirmed. These handsets are unlocked and can be used on any network,” Clove notes.

It certainly does not come too much as a surprise that the phone has seen such great demand, given that EE is selling it locked on its network, and that many users wouldn’t want to commit to a contract with the carrier.

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