SIM-Free Nokia Lumia 920 to Cost $449.99 at AT&T

The smartphone is set to hit pre-order status today

Wireless carrier AT&T is the only services provider in the United States that will make the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone available for purchase for its users, and some more info on the handset’s pricing is now available.

Yesterday, the wireless operator announced plans to make the phone available on November 9 at $99.99 on contract, and today we learn that it plans on offering it at $449.99 (€350) SIM-free.

The handset is set to become available for pre-order at AT&T as soon as today, but there’s no specific info available on when it will ship to end-users.

One thing that is certain, however, is that this Windows Phone 8 device is shaping up as a great option for users when compared to other high-end smartphones, which are priced significantly higher.

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