Unified Windows Phone/RT OS Might Get Detailed on September 30

Microsoft is likely to announce a dedicated press event after IFA 2014

While everyone is looking forward for the new devices promised by most handset manufacturers for this year’s IFA trade fair, which is scheduled to kick off early next month, Microsoft seems to have bigger plans right afterwards.

According to sources familiar with the Redmond-based company’s future plans cited by The Verge, Microsoft is likely to announce a new version of Windows Phone at the end of next month.

While the company’s main highlight for the event will be Windows 9, rumor has it that Microsoft is also planning to detail a unified Windows Phone/Windows RT version of the operating system.

Even though there aren’t too many details on what exactly Microsoft intends to reveal in regard to Windows Phone, word is that the company will at least mention the platform and possibly highlight a few of its main features on September 30.

Windows Phone market share has been dropping lately due to the lack of new devices, but since the new Nokia Lumia 530 and HTC One M8 have just been released in some markets, we’re expecting a slight increase in some parts of the world.

New devices are expected to be unveiled at IFA 2014, which will also help boost Windows Phone market share, so there seems to be a lot of surprise for Microsoft fans this autumn.

What are your expectations in regard to the new Windows Phone version that’s likely to be unveiled on September 30?

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